Scalp massage is a favorite of many people, as it is relaxing and helps to promote a feeling of reduced tension in the head, neck and face. Did you know that there are many muscles of the face and head? These muscles can become tight or tense, just like anywhere else in the body and massage therapy can help reduce this tightness. When released, people may experience a relief in headache or pain or tension in this region.

Why is a Scalp Massage Beneficial?

Often, scalp massage is applied more gently than other regions of the body. A massage therapist can employ a technique such as effleurage or light pressure, gentle kneading with petrissage or even sustained pressure for trigger points. It is often a good rule of thumb to start the massage in the face or temples and work into the back of the head and neck. Depending on the client, you may choose to use oil or not but watch out for inadvertently pulling someone’s hair. Also a good rule is to ask if the client is ok with scalp massage prior to performing it – some people prefer to avoid this area of the body or may not want their hair to be disturbed.

The other reasons this type of massage is beneficial include improved circulation, relaxation of the nervous system, positive mood and release of endorphins. Many massage therapists begin the massage with a scalp massage in order to get their client to relax and quiet down to enjoy the rest of the massage. This is especially helpful if the person is coming into the session stressed out, feeling anxious or “overthinking things.” A thorough scalp massage has many great benefits!

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