There are many considerations prior to a job interview, and these will help you make the impression that you intend to make and get you the job you want. Here are some top tips for a successful interview for a massage therapy career.

1. Prepare beforehand.

Research the position you are applying for and prepare adequately for your interview. It can be very helpful to develop your answers to potential questions prior, and even practice answering those questions with a partner. You want to feel and present with confidence and clarity. Being prepared is a great skill and attribute.

2. Come with questions.

It is very impressive when the person interviewed has a set of questions for the interviewee. These can be about the job description, company, salary, team-members or anything else you are interested in knowing. It is helpful to determine if the position is a good mutual fit for both parties involved, and the sooner the better.

3. Dress professionally.

A potential employer wants to know that you are professional, clean and well put-together. Your attire for your interview does matter with your overall presentation, and it is a good rule of thumb to have clean, pressed (not wrinkled) clothing on. Oftentimes, it is recommended to wear business professional or business casual clothes to an interview; error on the side of more professional when in doubt.

4. Act professionally.

Before, during, and after an interview, one should act professionally. This means making eye contact, speaking with confidence, shaking hands when meeting, and general politeness. Know that as soon as you get out of your car, you are making an impression. Going above and beyond to demonstrate professionalism will set you ahead of the others.

5. Be Personable.

People often hire someone that they think would do a great job, and in the massage therapy profession it is important to be personable. Your attitude and persona are what can either attract or repel clients as well, therefore this is something that an employer will look for. Most companies want to hire someone that they feel would be an asset to the team and enjoy being around.

6. Let your passion shine through.

Being passionate about what you do and who you serve will definitely get you noticed. During your interview, focus on showing how you are passionate about being a massage therapist and working with your clients. When someone is authentically passionate about their mission, it is easy to say yes to that person and hire them on as well.

Try out these different massage therapy interview tips to let your personality and expertise shine through!

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